Tom and I recently returned from a road trip to Florida. Tom did all the driving, leaving me to explore the landscape and to reflect on the theme of my upcoming exhibition in October, Unveiled. Sketching in the car was limited to avoid motion sickness. New Jersey to Florida is far too long a drive to chance queasiness.

Over the last six months, still-life and landscape have nudged their way back into the list of subjects I am inspired to paint. The challenge has been to incorporate them into my work in a way that will expand and enhance my language of expression rather than send me on a totally new path. My goal is to express motion through space in still-life and landscape as I do with figures and orbs.

By the time we returned to New Jersey I had renamed the exhibition Unveiled – exploring the elements of art. The diversity of the subject matter will be united by the techniques. I will include preliminary sketches and paintings that will clearly illustrate the strengths of each element and how they can either contribute to or detract from the sense of movement in a painting.