This is the puzzle Johanna referred to in her comment.  Online, the puzzle is no longer available.


Original post on December 15, 2007 on Before The Curtain Falls

When it was suggested that my captured-digigraph images would make great jigsaw puzzles I was thrilled. I wasn’t sure it would become a reality. Thanks to Andrews and Blaine, it is. The puzzles are currently available in Barnes and Noble stores and online.

Scent of Love Puzzle Image by Christine Reilly Carter Produced by Andrews Blaine Sold through Barnes and Noble ISBN-13: 9780641857652

The story behind the image:

Tom, arrived home from a long day of work and saw that the dozen long-stemmed roses he had given me in the morning no longer had stems of any length at all. The beautiful, pink blossoms were floating in a bowl of water on the table. Next to the bowl was a gorgeous print I had made from scanning the blossoms. His response was a giant smile. That is true love.

And so began a seven-year detour from my path as a painter. I scanned everything in site, flowers, thorns, insects, beads, animals, tools, hinges, food, textiles and even my children. An abstract artist at heart, nature provided me with every shape, texture, color and line to play with. More than a thousand images later, the print of the pink roses remains one of my favorites. Through it all, Tom has supported my journey as an artist.

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