Every now and then all of the necessary forces are present; the music, the movement, my body, my focus and the energy of the moment.  The result is a stroke of the pen that leaves a mark upon the paper that thrills me in a way I cannot describe.   My reflection in a mirror feels more alien to me than the mark that made its way from deep inside, up through my heart, across my chest, down my arm, through my fingertips to the flexible point of the dip pen that released the flow of ink onto the paper.

As an artist, I live for these moments.  These scribbles are more precious to me than all of my studio paintings.  It is for these moments that I paint during live performances of music and dance.  It is for these moments that I continue to learn all I can about drawing, painting, color, anatomy and materials.  Without the skills of the studio at my fingertips, the path would be blocked and the portrait of my spirit would remain hidden, unexpressed and silent.