Gyrotonic-Brenda-8-Chris-Carter-watercolor-ink-zakar-artDuring the past two weeks I was given the opportunity to experience two very different experiences of Zakar Art. The first was a result of painting during the Zumba fundraising event benefiting The Butterfly Project. At the benefit I met Dorian, a wonderful energetic woman who is opening a center for Gyrotonic Exercise in Flemington, NJ. She asked me to visit her studio and paint her clients working out on the Gyrotonic equipment. The second experience was painting during a Kirtan Yoga session at Easton Yoga in Easton, PA. The Wild Lotus Band, based in New Orleans returned to Easton Yoga, offering us an incredible opportunity to experience the energy and balance of their rhythms and vocal chants.


What continues to delight, amuse and amaze me is the different strokes and flows that come out of me with different music, movement, people and environment. I was like a newborn heading into the Gyrotonic experience. How would I incorporate a machine with a body and be happy with the balance of the flow? How little I trust my instincts and the thirty odd years that I have held a brush in my hand. How little I trust the forty three years of meditating. Perhaps I will learn to trust that it will pour out of me as long as let the energy of others pour into me.

Thank you, Dorian. Thank you Sean and the Wild Lotus Band. What a privilege to have been asked to paint to your dedicated energy.