The family tradition of tree decorating has evolved over the years.  Giant leaps away from the labor intensive stringing of the lights, unpacking of the hundreds of gorgeous ornaments that had been gifted to Michael, Nicole and Alexis began when the kids were in their teens and the job of taking the tree down fell upon my shoulders.  The shift towards a third of the lights, Tom’s wax angel and an evening of baking and decorating gingerbread ornaments with family and friends was readily accepted by all concerned.  The rest of the ornaments remain boxed in the attic. “Anthony the Tree” catapulted the Christmas Tree into a whole new dimension.  From that point on, three or four years ago, just about anything was within the realm of acceptance as the tree that joined us as witness to the arrival of the new year.

Every Christmas Tree in my life, I have loved.  There has never, however, been a tree that I felt connected to on a personal level as I do to this year’s tree, flickering with lights, adorned with gold-painted walnuts, candy canes and the lovely angel that watches over flying objects always ready to guide them in and off the tarmac.  The photo does not do the amazing branch/tree justice.

Every glance at this amazing sculptural branch that hugs the wall at its base and projects out into the center of the room brings a smile to my face and a burst of joy from my heart.  It makes me think of a marvelously ridiculous hat sitting rakishly upon the head  of a daring young women who delights in bizarre fashion statements and haute couture that pushes the limits of the runway.

Where is this feeling in my paintings? It should be there.

And then there is the dragonfly lamp that Dave and Anita surprised me with when they came to visit two days before Christmas.  The base lights up separately from the upper section of the lamp.  It is perfect with my favorite painting, the one inspired by the work of Vieira Da Silva.

Why have I not continued to explore this direction in my painting when it brings me such joy and satisfaction?

The arrival of the lamp has inspired the removal of the dreadful wallpaper that was on the walls when we moved into the house fifteen years ago.

Time for the outside of my life to be a truer reflection of the inside of my life.

I am fortunate that my family and friends support the evolution of our family traditions.  Without their love and acceptance of “change” the Christmas Branch would never have awakened a bit of my spirit that has been asleep for far too long.  Thank you!