Holidays were quiet in our house this year, allowing for prolonged periods of reflection, contemplation, and playful drawing.  The outrageous Christmas Tree was top priority when it came to subject matter.  January 1st, the tree comes down in our house, allowing the year to begin anew.  Rather than the handful of pencils I ordinarily grab for playful sketching, I chose to use a selection of fountain pens instead.  Parker pens are a delight to draw with.  The Parker 45 and the Parker Desk Model are currently my favorite pens.  All they needed was a good cleaning to work smoothly and flawlessly.

With properly working tools, the transition from realism to abstraction is seamless.  Working with a mechanical pencil is similar because there is no interruption for sharpening.  When a fountain pen works well, there is no snapping back to the left side of my brain in order to get the ink to flow properly again and to deal with a broken line of ink on the drawing. Dip pens work well for me when I am standing up. The dip into the ink and the stroke upon the paper are part of the same flow of movement.  Sitting down and using a dip pen is not the same for me.

After having played with the image of the Christmas Tree I am excited about playing with a variety of other objects around my home.  Not just any objects, but the ones that come close to exciting me the way that the evergreen branch did when it was transformed into the Christmas Tree.