Mother Webb's

The image of a haggard old woman with a wart on her nose does not put me in the right frame of mind to enjoy a slice of deep dish apple pie.  It did, however, inspire me to save the matchbook from the pile destined for the dumpster.  It ranked third in line to be sketched.  Perhaps the marketing team knew what they were doing when they designed the logo for Mother Webb’s Famous Steak House.

“Always Great Steaks till Midnight” is printed along the narrow edge of the matchbook.  Inside the cover it says”  MOTHER WEBB’S famous Steak House is open till midnight everyday except Xmas eve & Xmas day.  We’re located on the Trans Canada Highway  ½ way between Halifax & Sydney, Nova Scotia, 4 miles east of Antigonish town.  Mother’s fantastic success is based on food & service worth waiting for —- How about that?”

Yes, how about that?  Does that mean that service is unusually slow and that success is based on waiting until customers are so hungry that anything at all will taste fantastic?

I’m happy to say that Mother Webb’s has been in business for 43 years and is still doing quite well, though no longer open until midnight.  They close at 11pm these days.