Eggplant and Bananas - three stages - watercolor sketch

Eggplant and Bananas - three variations - Watercolor Sketch

After two terribly overworked sketches of my Parker 21 in the Vasoline Glass Vase I asked Tom to bring back something yellow and something dark from the grocery story.  Along with the fresh green beans and squid for dinner, he brought me an eggplant, a bunch of three bananas, a lemon and a bunch of beets.  That is true love.

I like the freshness of the first stage.  When I put the “L mat” sections on top of it I felt I needed to see what happened with a background wash.  Though I lost clarity of color in the shadow cast by the plate, I needed a darker value to ground the dark value of the eggplant.  I would like to see some cooler colors in the upper left corner, but I didn’t want to lose the transparency and lightness of that area.

Inspired by Charles Reid, I am allowing paints to mix on the paper and to paint directly with pure pigments based on where the color pigments fall on the value scale.  It has taken me two decades to follow his excellent suggestion to paint with value as a higher priority than color.  If the value is right, and the color is not over-mixed, the painting will have life and movement and, for the moment, not land in the trash can.

Overworked watercolor sketch of Parker 21 Fountain Pen in Vasoline Glass Vase

The upper background in the sketch on the left is the strongest part of that painting.  The vasoline glass vase is formless.  The position of the vase in the sketch on the right allows the eye to enter the painting and move about a bit.  Still….. I find it over-worked.  A bit of cropping helps.

Cropped sketch of Fountain Pen in Vaseline Glass Vase