Maybe next year I will attend the Philadelphia Pen Show.  By then I hope to have replaced a few bad bladders in my recent collection of pens in need.  Right now, my little K-car’s new radiator took priority over a day of drooling over fountain pens and attending a discussion on repairing pens.  The day, however, promises to be productive.  The sun is drenching the landscape and pouring in through my windows.

I had planned on painting a lemon and eggplant.  Instead, I will paint my Parker 21 desk model fountain pen sitting in its makeshift holder, a Vaseline glass vase.  I use an extra cap from another pen to keep the point from drying out.  I want to play with a light value object and a dark value object.  My early morning watercolor sketches of my Parker 45 fountain pen helped make the decision to go for the pen and vase rather than the lemon and eggplant.