The New Evolution - Oil on Kraft Paper

I awoke to find an email from Oriana Pickmann, a writer born in Peru and now living in Norway.  She wrote to me to ask permission to use my paintings to illustrate her words on several of her blogs, all written in Spanish.  I visited the blogs and gave her permission to use whichever paintings she thought appropriate to complement her words.

After a bit of frustration looking for an easy way to translate the words that were paired with my images I found a wonderful site that translates entire paragraphs, not just words. I’m sure the meaning is not quite what Oriana has intended, but at least I have an idea of what my images have evoked through her eyes.

For me, these occasional intercontinental connections that are possible in today’s world of the internet are more exciting than a gallery exhibition.  I usually don’t have any idea at all of the connections being made by the people visiting the gallery.

Here are links to two of the blogs where Oriana has posted my paintings:

And this is the link to the site that translates entire paragraphs from Spanish into English:

A bit later …… Oriana just emailed me a link to another website that translates many languages… .  When I downloaded Babylon Free Translating Software it changed all my settings so I uninstalled it.  The two online translating websites work quite well without fouling up your computer.