Giant tube of Sap Green Oil Paint

After my ten hour marathon of working on the Color Value Charts of all my oil paints I must have been a bit delirious. Not only was I amazed that I had completed the charts, I was surprised that I didn’t have more unusual colors.  I had dumped all my paints out of bags and boxes.  My wooden toolbox full of paints was on the floor beside all the other tubes.  I thought I might have already donated paints to a local school.  After writing up Exercise 4 for the Creative Color blog, I tumbled into bed shortly after midnight, exhausted from the day’s pleasure.

Throughout the night, a giant tube of Sap Green paint appeared in my dreams.  Sometimes it was on a table.  Sometimes it poked out from behind a door. Once it was in a bowl in a cupboard.  Each time I noticed it I realized that I had not included Sap Green in my color charts.  As the morning dawned I toppled out of bed to look for the Sap Green.

Fifty More To Go

I found the giant tube of paint sticking up out of the wooden tool box along with 49 other tubes of paints I had not entered on the color value charts.  Perhaps it was a blessing that I hadn’t realized the paints in the tool box had not been sorted along with the paints from the bags and boxes. The task of analyzing 132 different tubes of pigments might have been too overwhelming and I probably would have found a good excuse for not beginning the long process.  I am grateful for the memory lapse.  These charts are extremely valuable.  I wish I had created them at least twenty years ago.

I will have to cut more primed canvas to extend the charts so that I can add the additional pigments.  Another snow day would be very helpful.