Installing an Oxygen Sensor takes only 15 minutes

A list of what I learned during the fifteen to twenty minutes that my little blue K-car was on the lift:

1.  Life itself is a far more exciting and ruthless time-keeper than a watch or alarm clock.

2. I need better brushes in my little cigar box paint kit.

3. Having only three pigments plus white made simplification easier.  I focused more on value than any sort of true color.  The result was actually close in color in spite of my lack of attention.

4. The supplies for a quick oil sketch can be just as compact and convenient as the supplies for a quick watercolor sketch.

5. Having my chair and cigar b0x in my trunk at all times is an absolute must.

6. My 5″ x 8″ gessoed wood panels are perfect for these quick sketches.

7.  Though I would not limit myself to these three pigments for larger paintings, I think they are quite sufficient for these spur of the moment sketches.  I will probably alter my choice of three and compare the differences and ease of working.  Exchanging Cadmium Red Light for Alizarin will definitely alter the value scale, leaning more toward mid to lights than mid to darks.

8.  When fifteen minutes is all I have, fifteen minutes is quite enough.

Cigar box easel / paint box