'Seashell and Shadow' pen and ink 5" x 7" by Chris Carter, artist

'Seashell and Shadow' pen and ink 5" x 7"


Another Parker, fine tip fountain pen has found its way to my collection.  This one arrived absolutely clean, in perfect working condition.  This blue with a silver cap pen, a Parker 21, doesn’t move quite as smoothly as my gray with silver cap Parker 45, but it is still a real pleasure to draw with.  It works exceptionally well for my squiggle, sketchbook drawings.  For these small studies, I prefer the warmth of Noodler’s Polar Brown or Walnut ink to black ink or blue/black ink.

I could have developed this sketch further, but decided to stop while I still had the effect of strong light being cast upon the shell.  I’m trying to maintain variation of value in the background as well as form on the object.  The squiggle lines are more relaxing and meditative than either stipple or cross hatch marks.