Lady in the Red Tin Box, pen and ink


Who made this little porcelain woman?  She appears to be quite young and fashionable yet she is a bit hunched over and uses a cane.  She is not quite two and a half inches tall.  I can’t remember a thing about her, of finding her and putting her into the red tin with the sea shells.  She is the only item in the tin that is not a sea shell.  Perhaps I found her on the beach and felt she belonged with the shells that she shared the sand with.  For me, the more fascinating mystery goes back to her creator.  She appears to have been made from a mold.  That suggests that she has clones who have, perhaps, found their way into other collections of shells or buttons or sea glass.  I did not capture the wind in her skirt in the pen and ink drawing.  She is rather stiff in the drawing as if she had to stand and model for me a tad too long. The oil painting below is a more realistic depiction of her stance.

I have grown very attached to the Parker 21 fountain pen.  This weekend I will be bold and try a squiggle drawing with another fountain pen, perhaps a landscape.  A rainy weekend is predicted.  That might be perfect for my first squiggle landscape.


Lady and the Red Tin of Sea Shells, oil painting