Sketchbook Notes:

Vermont Maple Syrup, Watercolor Sketch

The three panel canvas painting for Sue is meant as a celebration of her life with her husband Dale.  The focus was on two of their favorite activities: hiking and skiing  in New England and driving the Porsche, participating in club track events and working together to create entertaining road rallies.  My history of hiking, rock climbing and skiing, along with having lived in New England for six years in my twenties provided a foundation upon which I could build the elements of her painting.  My familiarity with the light and foliage of New England enabled me to simplify forms, yet still express the New England-ness of the landscape.

The can of Vermont Maple Syrup is prominent in Sue’s kitchen.  Seeing it brings both a smile to my face and a flood of memories stretching all the way back to early childhood when Kathleen, without fail, returned from her family ski trip to Stowe with a small box of maple sugar candy for me.