Sketchbook notes:

The Blue Benn Diner, Vermont - Watercolor Sketch

Blue Benn Diner is in Bennington, Vermont.  It was recommended to me many years ago by my brother.  I often stopped there for breakfast.  When I saw it among Sue’s photos of places she and Dale loved to go on their yearly fall foliage trip, I couldn’t resist adding it to her reference sketchbook.  I had hoped to fit it into the final oil painting, but the painting went in a different direction.  The sketchbook, in addition to it being a record of the stages of the oil painting, was an excellent place to include the images we both loved but couldn’t make space for in the three-panel commissioned piece.

I have finally passed the sketchbook on to Sue.  She can now add her own memories and thoughts to the pages, filled with little paintings of the places and things that were part of their life together.