'Meditation' Watercolor Painting

Rediscovering the work of Robert Burridge, I find my energy renewed.

Every couple of years I sort through paintings and throw out an enormous pile of work that I don’t want taking up space in my studio and that I don’t ever want to see hanging on someone’s wall.  It often surprises me to see which paintings survive this sorting process.   Not all of these paintings are particularly good.  It doesn’t seem to matter.   I’m not sure why, but after visiting Robert Burridge’s web site I wanted to take another look at some of these older paintings.  I want to bring the understanding I’m gaining from the small, daily paintings  into my intuitive work, the work that expresses the way I see the interaction of people, the beauty and energy of the natural world and the forces that are at play during my waking and dreaming hours.

'Balance' oil triptych on 24" square panels

I either work totally intuitively, allowing the marks and colors splashed upon the canvas or paper to suggest a subject, a story, or simply a movement of shapes and patterns or I work directly from reality.  I find it hard to bring the two together.  The goal of my current self-directed study, that of going back to the basics of drawing and color, is to have all the tools necessary and easily at my disposal to open the floodgates and let my creativity loose without being limited by undisciplined skills.  If I want to splash I will splash.  When I want the gesture of a hand to emerge from the overlapping of splashes, I want to be able to execute that gesture convincingly.

By posting some of my older paintings and writing a few comments about them I hope to understand why I still have an attachment to them.  It is unusual for me to be attached to a painting once it’s completed.  I am ready to move on to the next canvas and I rarely look back except to mat and frame when necessary for an exhibit.

Thank you Robert Burridge, for the inspiration!