Another oldie that remains in my collection ….

'Nicole' watercolor demo for class, 1985

For a year or two following the birth of Nicole and Alexis in 1984, I continued to teach watercolor classes.  I believe that more can be learned from watching an artist paint for fifteen minutes than can be learned from a semester of a teacher spewing words of advice and wisdom.   The painting of Nicole was done as a class demonstration. I had recently discovered the work of Charles Reid and had purchased his book “Portrait Painting in Watercolor“.  I was so inspired by his technique on hot press paper that I opted to try it out that evening at class.  I usually demonstrated painting a landscape.  (My students loved painting barns.)  I don’t remember ever demonstrating barn painting techniques again after that night.

This painting reminds me to be loose,  to simplify and to paint what I love.  Painting is not a matter of practicing for some future day.  I cannot put off painting what and how I want until tomorrow.  I know that tomorrow never comes.  I only ever have today.