transplanted lilies #2

The weather report predicted rain.  I transplanted the two bags of lilies M. gave me yesterday.  I knew that once I started painting I wouldn’t stop to plant them and I wanted the rain to water them in.  Within an hour the skies cleared and the sun shone brightly.  Lily leaves seemed like a perfect subject for a series of quick palette knife sketches trying a grab out of the box palette.

I spent twenty minute on each of the following studies except for Study No.2.  I had just completed No. 2 when a strong gust of wind came along.  It blew the panel right off the easel and straight onto my shirt.  It had been one of my only shirts that was paint free.  Oh well. I allowed myself an extra five minutes to resolve the damage.

Study No. 1:

Study No. 1

My palette: Cadmium Lemon, Scarlet Lake and Sap Green.  I chose a light value, medium value and dark value. I used the colors in their pure form without mixing in any white.

Study No. 2:

Study No. 2

My palette: Cadmium Lemon, Cadmium Red Medium, Sap Green, Ivory Black and Permalba White. I switched from Scarlet Lake to Cadmium Red Medium because I have a lot of Cad. Red Med. and I don’t like it nearly as much as I like Scarlet Lake.  Palette knife uses an enormous amount of paint and I would rather use colors that are not my favorite for experimental studies.  I hardly ever use black of any sort.  I added it here because Sap Green is so transparent and doesn’t hold it’s own as a dark value unless used in gobs.

Study No. 3:

Study No. 3

My palette: Same as Study No. 2

Study No. 4:

Study No. 4

My palette: Same as Study No. 2.

I wanted to concentrate more on making shapes fit together better than they do in Study No.3