Morning Warm Ups:

Sketch #2 - watercolor & ink

Even when I was in excellent physical condition, running daily and having the strength and flexibility of a young body, I didn’t fall into a blissful rhythm until I broke into a sweat at the three mile mark.  My morning warm up watercolor sketches remind me of that experience.

Sketch #1 - watercolor

The first sketch is dreadfully stiff and overworked.  More time does not always lead to  better results. With extra time I manage to paint the spirit right out of the object.  My goal is two-fold.  I want to develop the skills to paint what “is” and I want to use those skills to paint what the object “is to me”.  The first goal calls forth the left side of the brain while the second depends on the right side of the brain.   Once I’ve given the left side of my brain something to be frustrated about (the first morning warm up), it goes off to sulk somewhere and leaves the right side of the brain free to be playful (the second morning warm up).  I prefer the second.