Yesterday’s Morning Warm Up: watercolor and fountain pen (Medium nib Cross pen, blue black cartridge.) Ink contour drawing with watercolor washes.

Florida Room with Paint Cans and Storytelling Lantern, watercolor sketch

I glanced at the clock. The morning had been swallowed by bookkeeping.  I hadn’t done my morning warm up paintings and time was running out.  I had fifteen minutes to either paint or make my lunch.  I opted to paint. Not having enough time for two paintings, I locked my left brain in a closet and handed those precious fifteen minutes over to my right brain.

It’s not obvious to even a careful observer that a small, red lantern is in the center of the table.  It is the family storytelling lantern.  No longer used for storytelling, it is kept handy to use during our frequent power outages.  The paint cans have taken up residence in the Florida Room during the prolonged project of painting the kitchen cabinets.