Misdirected attention …

Cedar Tree at the Route 12 Circle

For three days I painted small studies of the cedar tree at the end of the Dvoor Farm driveway in Flemington, New Jersey.  The driveway leads to the intersection of Mine Street and the Route 12 circle.  The tree is stunning as old cedars usually are.  I thought I was struggling to paint the tree, when in reality, I was more interested in the way the shapes of the roads fit into the shapes of the grass masses.  The difficulty was capturing a sense of both the tree and the roads in a quick sketch.

My water to pigment ration continued to trip me up by either bleeding too much into other areas or losing the beauty of translucency.  My ultimate goal of these quick sketches is to be able to travel and paint on location with some sort of satisfaction even when I have only a fifteen minutes to paint before moving on.

While working on the quick cedar tree paintings it became crystal clear to me that careful observation and clarity of purpose are uppermost in importance.  When working figuratively I do not lose focus on my intent as easily as I do when painting landscapes.