Another Three-Value watercolor sketch:

Grill outside Mt. Airy, NC

The neon light flashed “GRILL” through the moonless night, illuminating the grill on wheels and the assorted shacks full of junk.  We had pulled off the highway in Mt. Airy, desperate for both food and shelter.  Our plan to stop early in the evening to enjoy a pleasant dinner with a glass of wine had faded as we drove through “dry” counties.  Afraid that the neon sign would be shut off for the night, we stopped there first.  The radio blared and a burly burger flipping guy greeted us, reassuring that he would feed us before closing up.  Along with a greasy dinner we got the story of Mayberry.  The old police car beside the picnic table is the original squad car from the Andy Griffith Show.  I snapped a few photos before we bid Bob good-bye and drove up the hill to see if there was a room for us at the motel.

The dark band on the right side of the three-value sketch is the police car.