Left: Stage One by Becky Bradley ... Right: Stage Two alterations by Chris Carter

The panels are distributed arbitrarily.  I had not expected to receive a panel that already had such a strong story line at Stage One.  For me, the challenge was contributing something that is part of my own style while retaining Becky’s work in Stage One.  Becky painted Stage One in acrylic. I felt I should stay with acrylic though it is the medium I use the least and feel quite awkward with when painting realistically.  Though oil can be applied over acrylic, acrylic should not be applied over oil.  I can’t guarantee that the next artist paints in oil.

I left the figure on the left as Becky had painted him.  My intention was to make only a few alterations on the other figure. I needed to tame his expression a bit for me to connect with the painting.  Struggling with the acrylic paint, I ended up altering his face more than I had intended.  I find it interesting that by changing the expression on one man, the expression on the other man appears to have changed without any changes being made.  Whereas my eye went only to the man on the right before I made the changes, now my eye roams around a bit and ends up looking at the man on the left whose gaze looks rather intense rather than vacuous.

Perhaps I will add a tiny bit of red flecking in the mural behind the two men.  I can’t go much further than that or I will not be leaving enough creative opportunity for the next artist.