The initial watercolor sketch

The abstract directional forces of the little sketch appeals to me.  I wanted to play with it using totally different colors that stayed within the values but steered clear of green.

While sitting in the waiting room for my pre-surgery testing this morning I read several more pages of Charles W. Hawthorne’s Hawthorne on Painting.  He constantly writes about “spots of color”.  He says to “Draw as little as is compatible with your conscience — put down spots of color.  Seeing things as silhouettes is drawing — the outline of your subject against the background, the outline and size of each spot of color against every other spot of color it touches, is the only kind of drawing you need bother about.  If you do that faithfully you will be surprised at the result.  Think in color, think in color volume.”  I don’t totally agree, but I like the direction his thoughts push me in.

Playing with spots of color

I decided to play with the composition.  Hawthorne is referring to en plein air painting.  This experiment was done in the studio and there was no attempt at matching color spot against color spot.  I was simply playing with color and spots.

Though the little sketch has unsolved problems, I will move on.  the skeleton of the compositional design still intrigues me and I am going to develop it further.  I lost some lights in the second sketch and attempted to retrieve them with a bit of pastel.

I had a great time playing with it.