Passing on the idea of simplicity to the next generation….

Balzac without Cloak

If I had to move from my home to a one room facility due to physical challenges in my old age, I might choose Balzac without Cloak.  I always loved sitting in the garden of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, so close to Rodin’s magnificent sculpture of Balzac.  The energy in that piece is powerful beyond words.  The closest I have come to it is this little watercolor.

I have just unloaded the last carload of Betty’s large, framed watercolors.  My living room is filled with them.  Another room is filled with the unframed paintings.  I didn’t want this job of finding homes for Betty’s paintings.  I simply couldn’t bear the thought of them ending up in a dumpster.  Somehow, I have to find a place to store them out of my site within the next twelve days.  When I am recovering from my surgery I want my energy to go into healing and painting my own paintings.

My recovery period will be a turning point.  Perhaps I should not wait until I am 75 to work only in a sketchbook.  Perhaps I should begin now to find homes form the multitude of my own large, framed paintings.

The importance lies in the exploration, not in the finished product.  The framed paintings don’t matter.  It worries me that my children will be left to deal with the piles of objects that are the result of my passion to explore the world through painting.

What a dilema!