The Lavendar Survived the Deer

The small circle of plants at the end of my driveway has been thriving for the past three weeks.  I was delighted that the multitude of deer that camp out in our yard didn’t desire the lavendar, the screaming orange flowers (I can’t find the tag or remember the name), or the little purple pansies.  Yesterday I stopped and picked up plant food to give the flowers a real boost.  When I arrived home my mind was occupied with other thoughts and I didn’t glance at the circle garden as I turned into the driveway.

First thing I did , even before changing my shoes. was scoop plant food into the watering can and fill the can with water.  The plants looked odd as I approached.  The lavender caught the setting sun and stood out boldly in comparison to the rest of the garden, no longer more than two inches in height.  Footprints were everywhere.  Not only did the deer devour the screaming orange flowers, they pulled half of them out of the ground.  Both the lavender and the little purple pansies were left untouched.  Maybe they don’t like purple.

Pruned Screaming Orange Flowers