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Abalone Marbles, Pen and Ink Squiggle Drawing


The marbles ended up different sizes.  Oh well, that happens.  What a delight to squiggle again with a fountain pen.  The Abalone game sits on a cedar chest in front of the window opposite my bed.  I expected the highlights to move more as the day passed.  They did not moved significantly.  I think it is because they are the reflections of the window and the light filters through the entire window.  The angle is the same, only the intensity and color of the light changes.  As I tried to correct the sizes of the marbles I caused problems with the highlights on the marbles.  The texture created by the squiggles is delightful regardless of inaccuracies.   Value choices are always key in these squiggle line drawings.  I can go darker, but I can’t go lighter.

I’m looking forward to getting downstairs so that I can scan the drawings rather than photograph them.  The blue background is the result of using the camera.  I’m too impatient to spend a lot of time fussing with it in photoshop.