Simplified complexity of oak branches with the patterning of fractals in mind:

Pencil Drawing - Oak Branches

This is the drawing done just before the “Rosebush” drawing.  I am excited by the clarity of the shapes and the movement between the shapes.  I felt that I would not have been able to create this patterning without having stared and studied the oak branches through my window for so, so many hours the day before, attempting to capture the pattern of light through the trees (see previous posting).

For me, it is the unique pattern of that oak tree.  It is certainly not a maple or a beech or a sycamore.  That thought led me to look closer at the rosebush outside my window and to try capturing its “rosebushness” (see previous posting).  What a fun path I am following these days!


I just received my email newsletter from Eric Michaels.  It is the first of a series of articles on “trees”.  I felt that it was appropriate to add a link to the article on this entry of the “Oak Branches”.  Here is the link.