Another swerve off the path:

"Juggling Geisha" pen, ink, watercolor - automatic drawing

Here is the automatic drawing I mentioned earlier in the week.  The inspiration came from having completed a pencil drawing of my new little orchid and a delightful card I received in the mail.

The drawing of the orchid succeeded in terms of a realistic rendering and good value scale choices.  On the energy level scale it scored poorly.  It isn’t a drawing that engages my eyes, my mind or my heart for more than fifteen seconds.

Phalaenopsis Orchid, pencil study

I will make another attempt before the beautiful flowers fall.  I like the way the blossoms alternate along the stem.  That part of the plant is hidden from view in the above drawing.

My mind was sparked back into gear when I opened the mail and saw the StoryPeople note card Mlle. Jane sent to make me smile.  StoryPeople cards are designed by artist, author and illustrator Brian Andreas.  I find them energetic, playful, fun and fuel for my spirit.

I found myself doodling in a restrained, geometric fashion when I next picked up my sketchbook, the result of the combined academic and playful experiences of the morning.  Below is the first automatic drawing which then led to the second drawing, the “Juggling Geisha”.

Automatic pen and ink geometric drawing

What fun it is to follow my whims.