Another pencil sketch looking through the bedroom window:

"Sumac Tree" pencil sketch

This is the view I see every morning when I awake unless I rise before the sun does.  My goal was to simplify the clusters of leaves without losing the overall shapes and edges that identify it as a sumac tree.  These trees grow wild throughout New Jersey.  I keep contemplating pulling it out so that my blackberry bushes can reclaim the space, but I’ve grown to like the way it catches the morning sun before anything else in that part of the backyard.

To illustrate the answer to Leslie’s question about the color of the sumac leaves in the fall, I’ve added the image below.  Several years ago, when I was creating what I called “Captured Digigraphs” I scanned everything in sight, making collages on my flatbed scanner playing with shapes of colors and textures.  One of the images I created was of Sumac Leaves in the Autumn.

"Sumac Leaves in Autumn" captured digigraph