Another older favorite:

Two Sisters - Tribute to Imogen Cunningham - Watercolor

From The Artistic Anatomy of Trees Their Structure & Treatment in Painting with 515 illustrations by Rex Vicat Cole, quoting Sir Joshua Reynolds in the introduction to Part II – The Anatomy of a Tree.

“It is indisputably  evident that a great part of every man’s life must be employed in collecting materials for the exercise of genius.  Invention, strictly speaking, is little more than a new combination of those images which have been previously gathered and deposited in the memory; nothing can come of nothing; he who has laid up no materials can produce no combinations.”

When I view the black and white photographs of Imogen Cunningham I feel she and I are kindred spirits.  The abstract compositions that she created with light cast upon the female figure thrill me.  During the period of my splatter/splash watercolor figurative work I would often take a break from the process of pulling figures out of my self-made chaos.  At those times I turned to the black and white photographers, such as Imogen Cunningham, whose compositions inspired me.  The Tribute Series resulted from a dozen or more large watercolors created from, as Sir Joshua Reynolds wrote, “collected materials”.

The compositions were gathered from other artists’ work.  The expression of the composition is uniquely mine.  I am grateful for the artists who have gone before me and left their work to inspire me and to ignite the fire of my creativity when it is exhausted.