A pencil sketch of the crew aboard the Santarella in the 408 mile Fort Lauderdale to Charleston Race.

Crew aboard the Santarella

In my recent reading I have been reminded several times of the idea of placing one correct shape of the correct value beside another correct shape of the correct value moving outward one shape at a time until the drawing or painting is complete.  This is the first drawing I have done using that method.  Nothing was outlined.  I began with the central figure and worked out one shape/value at a time, always comparing the correctness of the value and shape before moving on to the next shape.  I have to admit that I was surprised by the result and I will definitely do it again.

That is my son, Mike, on the far right bending forward wearing the short-sleeved dark shirt.  I am used to sketching in a skeletal form to capture a posture.  I think drawing shape by shape captured Mike’s characteristic way of sitting more successfully.