This photo is begging to become a painting.

Learning to serve punch

This is a gem.  I am curious to know (though I most likely never will) who took this photograph of my grandmother Craven teaching my mother the proper manner of serving punch.  From the white ribbons on the candelabra, the flowers and the little dolls on the table I assume it is just prior to the wedding of my mother and father which took place in my grandmother’s home.  The tablecloth was crocheted by my grandmother.  The dress my grandmother is wearing is the same dress I wore when I married Tom in 1995.  I also wore the dress at the opening of my first solo exhibit at Monsoon Gallery in 2004.

Alexis, Nicole, Mike and I celebrating my first major solo exhibition, 2004

I found the photo of my mother and grandmother while searching for the photo of Alexis and me (posted yesterday).  What a treasure!