I could get hooked on this approach to painting:

Starting with the foreground ivy

Villeneuve, France – oil painting on canvas 24″ x 36″:

The underpainting done with Terra Rosa diluted with turpentine was totally dry.

This method of completing one section before moving on to the next section, shape by shape, felt totally foreign to me.  Even when painting alla prima or en plein air I paint in layers, covering the entire canvas, building my values and colors gradually.  After today, I might change my method.  I think that the “all over” technique was another factor that led to muddy colors and less than effective color/value choices.

As the morning dissolved into afternoon I couldn’t help but paint a few thin washes of color in areas that extended beyond the area I was concentrating on.  I’m working from two photographs with very different lighting and coloring.  I needed more of the green across the bottom in the planters so that I could judge the color and value for the doors, windows and shadows.

A bit more green here and there

Detail - still needs final touches

Detail - still needs final touches

Painting in this manner, I’m more aware of my lost and found edges and I’m making conscious decisions about them.

I’ll probably complete the entire painting, bit by bit, up to the same stage as the detail above.  I’ll then study it carefully and add a few final touches without getting too fussy.