When the children were very young, a neighbor friend moved away.


Contour Drawing and Watercolor Value Wash


The morning after Cara’s family moved, the children awoke and ran to the front window.  With shouts of delight they announced that Cara’s family must have decided not to move.  Their house was still there!

Whenever I look at the little photo of the four children dressed in capes and hats I think of the image that has remained in my brain all these years.  I see Cara’s house being towed down the road.

Alexis’s room has been transformed into my office. In my attempt to alter her room as little as possible I have kept her things scattered about as much as possible.  The photo in the Mickey Mouse frame is one of those things.  Beside it is yet another jar full of brushes.  Cara is the tall figure on the right.

I used my Cross Medium Nib Fountain Pen to do the contour drawing.  I then applied a wash of watercolor using Ultramarine Blue and Venetian Red.