On Tuesday, October 19th, I turn 59 years old.


Nicole in Birthday Attire 5th Birthday?


Rather than receive gifts this year, I would like to send gifts to three people whom I’ve never met but who have been incredibly supportive by continuing to visit this blog and to comment on my posts.  They even wished me well during my recent trip to the hospital where I received my marvelous new hip.  Leslie, Linda and Rick have become cyber connections and I am grateful.  There are times that I didn’t feel like getting up early and posting a new image yet I did, knowing that they would be expecting it.

I would like to send each of you a small study from my sketchbooks.  I believe Leslie would like a fountain pen squiggle drawing.  I’m not sure what Linda or Rick would like.  Please, each of you, let me know.  I would like to be able to put a little matted drawing or painting in the mail to you on Tuesday.

Please let me know your pleasure and contact me with your address.  You can contact me through my website at http://www.chriscarterart.com.

Thank you, Linda, Leslie and Rick, for all of your comments.  I truly appreciate them.