Visiting my mechanic, Ed, has become a weekly habit.  We talk, we laugh.  I draw while he puzzles over the continuing mysteries of my 1988 K-car.


Looking for more clues that would cause the uncontrollable high idle


Bypassing the wire harness proved that it is not the computer that is faulty.  The computer diagnostic code continues to indicate that the computer itself is faulty.  After replacing it twice within the past three weeks, we don’t believe what it’s telling us.


Tool Wall at Tony's Auto


One of the many joys of sketching during my daily activities is that I see far more than I would normally notice if I weren’t drawing my surroundings.  Every since my childhood trips to Davis’s Hardware Store in Martinsville, I have been fascinated and inspired by tools.  Another benefit of drawing is that it extracts stories that might otherwise not be told.

Last year the large pry bar on the far right dropped from Ed’s hands when he was working beneath a car on the lift.  It landed on it’s rubber handle, bounced back up, cut a hole through Ed’s lower lip and knocked a tooth out.  Fortunately, the tooth was an artificial tooth.  He had lost the original tooth many years ago.  Being a tough guy (like Tom) Ed ran to the fridge for ice and a beer.  Meanwhile, Eric hunted for and found the dislodged tooth which was later re-implanted by the dentist.

I used my Cross fountain pen for the contour drawing.  The watercolor washes are ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, burnt sienna and yellow ochre.  I had trouble softening the crusty paints in one of the old Winsor Newton Metal travel boxes.  I was simply going for a value study and ended up trying anything that I could get pigment from.  I was mixing grays rather than going for color.