It’s been hectic lately.  The longer story behind the sketches will have to come later.

Half Dome, Yosemite, CA - 1977 watercolor sketch

Mike and I climbed the north face of Half Dome.  A bear stole all our food while we were taking a rest on the way up to the base of the climb.  Some friendly German climbers gave us a grapefruit and a bag of granola so that we wouldn’t starve during the two days we would be on the rock face.  We slept on a 2 foot wide ledge, tied in of course.

Our tent at the climber's campground

October is an absolutely beautiful month to be in Yosemite.

A forest in Yosemite. Watercolor sketch

The sound of the clashing antlers of sparring bucks resounded through the forest.

Yellow butterflies covered the trees like another layer of leaves.  I tried painting the vision of the butterflies when I returned to the East Coast.   I don’t remember what happened to that oil painting.

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