If the wind keeps up, by Monday the trees will lose their beautiful frocks of yellow, orange and red.

John Stinger's Backyard, oil painting on birch board

John and I enjoyed a pleasant day painting together in his lovely backyard.  It is a rare treat for me to be able to paint outdoors with another artist.

Autumn in New Jersey is gorgeous.  The colors are not quite as intense as Vermont and New Hampshire, but the rich golds and bronzes set off the screaming yellows and reds beautifully.  I had hoped to get at least six days of October painting in this year.  Other responsibilities kept me from that joy.  Today was my last chance and I through responsibilities out the window.  (I will be up late tonight, but spending the day painting with John was worth it.)

John's backyard No. 2, oil sketch on birch board

And one last little painting…

John's backyard No.3, oil sketch on birch board