Childhood antics with my best friend.

Kathleen and Chris dressed as witches

When Kathleen and I were very young we dressed up in the witches costumes her mother had made for Kathleen and her sister, Nancy.  We never wore the costumes on Halloween, we wore them during the summer to trick or treat at Mrs. Soroka’s house.  She loved children, but didn’t have any of her own.  She would invite us into her kitchen where she made us ice cream cones that looked like clowns.

Alexis and Nicole dressed as witches

The first costumes I made for Nicole and Alexis were candy corn costumes.  The witches costumes were the second.  Originally the hats and capes were black.  Both Alexis and Nicole were scared of themselves when they looked in the mirror wearing the black hats, capes and gowns.  I thought the gold metallic moon would be enough to lighten the look, but it didn’t.  I quickly made two new hats and capes out of pink and black zebra stripe fabric which the girls found totally acceptable.  For the purpose of the illustrated calendar, I changed the colors from pink and black top orange and black.

Both the painting and the illustration are done with a combination of watercolor and gouache on paper.

Happy Halloween!

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