Thanks to Facebook, distant relatives are getting to know me, and my art, better.

Self Portrait collage, 1976

A couple of days ago I received a Facebook message from my niece, Jackie.  She moved with her family to Arizona as a teenager in the early 90’s.  It’s fascinating to me to learn what has stayed so clear in her mind from our times together.  Here is what she said … “When I was a kid, I didn’t know your artistic side. I had an idea that you lived outside the box. Some of the word games like “hinky dink”, and fun things you did with your kids…. it was all so new and amusing… The items in your house… naked dolls, the clog shoes….. everything so entertaining, yet educational. I remember right down to the way we spent July 4th, and the meticulously cookie-cut “jelly bellies.” Things were special.  But I never knew you were so artistic!!!”

I think the naked dolls were my little wooden mannequins for drawing.  I’ve never thought of them as naked dolls.

I’ve been out of touch with Jackie until recently and I’m delighted to be communicating again.

Even stranger than discovering how other people see us is looking back at how we see ourselves.  Self portraits are often enlightening.