My favorite painting from last night’s Blues Jam at Larry Holmes Ringside Restaurant.

Jimmy Somma, Guitarist. watercolor portrait

The parking lot was packed last night, a good sign that the Blues Jam will continue for a while.  I packed a handful of tube paints, expanding from last weeks palette of burnt umber and blue.  This time around I squeezed out  Cadmium Lemon, Aureolin, Winsor Orange, Vermillion, Permanent Magenta, Dioxazine Purple and Peacock Blue.

To view all of the paintings from last night go to my Flickr Account and click on Musicians.  The new ones will be at the end of the batch.

I used either a pencil or a dip pen for the initial sketches throughout the evening.  I could have used the fountain pen instead.  The dip pen is exceptionally nice when I use a hot press paper or a bristol board or illustration board.  Last night I brought only cold press watercolor paper.  The dip pen doesn’t glide well on the rough texture of cold press.