A large table and wide windowsills makes painting at the Larry Holmes Ringside Restaurant far less of a challenge than the standard 30 inch square tables of the local pubs.

Painting at the Blues Jam

Thanks to Monica for taking this photo last Tuesday evening.  The table was large enough that I was able to spread out a bit and let a couple of other people try their hand at painting.

I decided to work in full color again, choosing my palette to give me a full value range from light to dark.  When painting in low light situations it is easier to paint by value rather than hue.  I look for light vs. dark and warm vs. cool.  Aside from that, I just go with the beat of the music and the energy of the environment.

The next morning I take a look at the paintings and see how the hues have interacted.  So many happy accidents occur while painting in the dark.

Jimmy Somma, Chas Cochran, Craig, Fang and Joe Mac