I now have over sixty pieces for Baer’s crazy quilt.  It’s time to start stitching them together.

The knit pieces for Baer's Afghan / Quilt

Traditions often begin without intent.  I never expected creating such bizarre knit quilts to become a tradition in my family.  Both of my daughters have begun their own versions of the quilt that evolves over time, changing according to left-over yarn, purchased yarn, unraveled sweaters and newly discovered stitches.  When it came to creating a gift of significance for my Godson, Baer, I could think of nothing better than such a quilt. I began it shortly after his birth, a year and a half ago.  It will be complete by the time he starts sleeping in a full size bed.  Now that I have over sixty pieces, it is time to begin stitching some of them together.

The process of deciding which pieces should be where is not unlike creating an abstract painting, adjusting the pieces according to their size, shape, color and value.  There will be gaps that need to be filled by knit or crochet stitches. Those little accents will be decided upon based on the adjacent pieces that are being joined by the accent piece.  There are no perfect decisions to be made, only choices that work as the work of art progresses.