Sketchbook paintings and drawings offered as giclee prints.

Two Baby Eggplant

Several inquiries have been made regarding purchasing my small sketchbook studies.  A few from my spiral bound sketchbooks I have sold.  The paintings and sketches from the stitched sketchbooks I am not willing to sell as it would destroy the sketchbook. As a compromise, I have decided to offer giclee prints of those studies.  The matted print sells for $35 plus $8 shipping.  If you are interested in any you have seen or see in the future, just drop me an email.

It was after multiple requests for the watercolor study of the baby eggplants that I decided to break my rule of  “no more giclee prints”.  I’m still struggling with that a bit, since I feel original art holds the energy of the artist and prints do not.  When I sold hundred of giclee prints I found that many people stopped considering buying the original.

I will appreciate your thoughts on prints vs. originals.