Mike’s table, pencil drawing, originally uploaded by C R Carter.

I’m enjoying all of the comments over the last couple of days as I post from Florida using my phone and my flickr account. In response to Linda’s comment about travel sketches being quick, I thought I would post this pencil drawing of Mike’s table.
Though most of my travel sketches are quick, there are always a few that are done over a longer period of time, sometimes days if I am in the same location. I work on longer ones in the early morning when I am the only one awake or in the evening as plans are being made for our next activity or destination. My children never have to worry about amusing me since I can very easily amuse myself. Even when activities have been planned, they change. I was scheduled to participate in a sailing race today, but the winds are too strong. With a sketchbook always handy, I never become impatient or bored.