During my visit to Florida earlier this month (December) I filled nineteen pages of my sketchbook with drawings and watercolor sketches.  I carefully dated each one.  Unfortunately, all but one are dated “11” rather than “12” indicating November instead of December. Perhaps end-of-year-stress is expressing itself through my pencil.

Monica studying for her last final exam before the holiday vacation

I have scanned all of the sketches and paintings that I posted by phone during my trip.  I will be replacing the phone images with the scanned images as I find time this week.  I had hoped for a snow day today but the wind was so strong that it blew all of the snow down the hill to the little town of Califon.  The barns were exceptionally cold today.  The wind nearly blew off one of the huge doors on the second floor.  The crashing and banging of the door and the creaking of the entire structure as the wind challenged its footings was a bit unsettling.  This pencil portrait of Monica brings to mind a more relaxing day.

Mike reading while Monica studies, watercolor sketch

The scanned version of the sketchbook page is so much better than my phone image.