Considering that Mike was receiving his Masters in Aerospace Engineering and beginning a new job in California I thought a professional haircut might be in order.  Fortunately he had two bicycles and two helmets.  Fortunately I have a new hip.  There were several salons within reasonable biking distance.  We ended up chaining the bikes outside of “glo”.

Mike at the wash sink

As a family, one could count the number of times any of us have indulged in going to a salon.  Hair dying and cutting is usually an entertaining experience done in our bathroom.  The results are often good, but not always.  Having someone like Bianca Bella wash Mike’s hair was more than a treat.

Next came the cutting of the hair….

Bianca Bella cutting Mike's hair, the first time around

After offering me a huge cup of strong coffee, Bianca returned to tending to Mike.  She combed his hair this way, clip clip, and that way, clip clip, and this way again, clip, clip.  Back and forth and over and under.  I had never seen hair cut in such a manner.  It was difficult to imagine the end result.  I was intrigued by the shoes that peaked out from under her jeans and the bulky black sweater that fell off her shoulder.

Clip and comb and clip and comb

After at least a half an hour, Bianca spun the chair around to show me Mike’s stylish haircut.  I was utterly amazed.  All that time, all that focus, all that combing and clipping and he didn’t look any different from when we walked in except that his hair was combed rather than tossled.  In as kind a manner as possible I said I thought it needed to be a bit shorter on the sides.

Second round - Clip, clip, clip, clip

This time the proportion of combing to clipping was less.  Hair began to fall where no hair had fallen before.  Another half hour went by and viola! Long on the top and short on the sides.  It should last him another three months!

The final few clips

Mike and I laughed all the way to Harvey’s Groves where we indulged in fresh squeezed Florida orange juice and pondered over how Bianca managed to spend so long clipping without cutting.  The story of the Emperor’s New Clothes comes to mind.

Harvey's Groves, Melbourne, Florida

Thank you, Biance Bella, for a very entertaining afternoon!

The drawing were all done with a fountain pen.  I applied a watercolor wash to the last two when we returned to Mike’s apartment.