The shape of the teapot is delightful.  The belly full, the spout like an elephant’s trunk and the lid like a bowler hat.

Playing with organic and linear shapes

I wanted to experiment with a totally linear background to see what the effect might be.  Sketchbooks make experimentation so easy.  The linear shapes ended up with several layers of glazes, darkening each time (hoping not to lose the quality of color) until the values were dark enough to trigger the push/pull movement between the organic shape of the teapot and the directional forces of the linear background shapes.  I wish I had scanned earlier versions of this to show how static the composition was when the background shapes were lighter in value.

New Year’s Eve I painted another little sketch of the teapot, totally organic shapes.  Quite a difference.

New Year's Eve teapot

The subject is the same, the effect is totally different.

I began with a quick fountain pen ink sketch and followed with washes of watercolor.